Ellen Dorr
Chief Technology Officer
Renton School District

Ellen Dorr began her career in education as an English and language arts teacher in a low-income, high-diversity middle school; her dedication to educational equity and strong outcomes for all students has shaped her work ever since.

As the CTO of Renton School District, Ellen oversees Technology Services, which includes customer service, infrastructure, and digital learning. She tasks her department with providing the resources and support to empower educators, create inclusive, equitable instruction in classrooms, and increase efficiency and effectiveness across the district.

Previously, Ellen served as the Director of Digital Learning in Renton and the Learning Technology Manager for Highline Public Schools. In both roles, she helped to write district technology plans and ensured that supports for students learning were provided and used intentionally. She identified and planned implementation of digital tools that met specific learning needs and evaluated data on these tools, focusing support on instructional practices.

Ellen is an adjunct faculty member at Seattle Pacific University, where she has supported the Master in Education in Digital Education Leadership Program. She is a member of Transcend Education’s Yellow Hats League, serves on the steering committee for the Community of Innovative Practice, and is a member of the 1Million Project District Advisory Council.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Reed College, a master’s degree in teaching from Seattle University, and is pursuing her doctorate in education and superintendent certification in the Leadership for Learning program at the University of Washington, where she is focused on equity-centered leadership and transformation of educational systems. She is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) and a Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL).