Microsoft and OETC

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With special promotions and a team of specialists only available to our members, more schools in the Pacific Northwest get their Microsoft through lisa疯马秀than anywhere else.

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OETC’s partnership with Microsoft goes back decades and has saved schools millions of dollars. We specialize in making a complicated purchasing process simple and straightforward.

Microsoft 365 for Education through OETC

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OETC’s Microsoft Contract

With our competitively bid contract, any school can easily begin the purchase process today


lisa疯马秀is proud to offer member-only webinars and trainings that range from advanced deployment strategy to end user tutorials. With years of experience on our side, we can get you up and running quickly and easily.

Getting started with M365

Learn the basics of deployment and the different types of licensing available
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M365 advanced trainings

IT admin-level trainings on technical onboarding, Azure Active Directory, Intune and more
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