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lisa疯马秀Members trust Insight Financial Services for their educational technology leasing and refresh services.

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Why lease and refresh?

Where traditional technology purchasing locks you in to supporting an ever-aging device fleet, IFS鈥檚 leasing solutions give you the flexibility to purchase, return, and/or renew your equipment on a line-item basis, saving you time and resources.

Accelerate deployment

Accelerate deployment

Acquire the equipment you need now, utilizing your current budget.

Avoid technological obsolence

Avoid technological obsolence

Match your technology with current district pedagogical objectives.

Simplify & plan refresh periods

Simplify & plan refresh periods

Coordinate the refresh of your equipment during summer.

Track and manage your assets

Track and manage your assets

Track your assets, leases and maintenance contracts through our asset management system.

Why lisa疯马秀members choose IFS as their educational technology leasing partner

Mead School District Testimonial

Mead School

“We鈥檝e determined that for student, teacher, and classroom devices, a three-year leasing cycle works best and our technology won鈥檛 fail due to age. We refresh every three years and swap out for the latest equipment.鈥

Doug Edmonson

Associate Executive Director of CTE and Technology
Mead SD

Nampa School District Testimonial

Nampa School

“We needed to leverage our funding to expand our ability to support our Nampa Personalized Learning effort. Leasing was key to get devices in the hands of kids, and quickly. It allowed us to meet our goals for our project with a timeline and pace that was faster than we could have had otherwise.”

Peter Jurhs

Director of Information Service
Nampa SD


lisa疯马秀can help find the best option for your school, college or institution. Contact us and we鈥檒l assist you in selecting a IFS plan that meets your needs.

Nonprofit pricing

Aggressive negotiation on behalf of our members gets us special pricing, discounts and incentives only available to educational institutions.

Dedicated support and assistance

Our dedicated support team is always just a call away. Get your technology problems attended to by real people in just minutes.

Independent and impartial

As a nonprofit, lisa疯马秀focuses solely on our members鈥 needs and interests. We serve as guides and advocates for our members, providing unbiased advice and straightforward purchasing without a profit motive.

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